About Us

About Us

Allied Logistics is an individual owned subsidiary & its group units have facilitated supporting 25+ happy years; and been intermediary for leading Indian giants supporting hybrid business models, saving costs to meet the tight supply chain & competition. We established in the field of Warehousing, Logistics.

Support, Transportation, Now We are the C&F For Funskool India Ltd; Safari Industries India Ltd Genie(Genius),Parragon Publishing India Pvt Ltd and Westland Books & other leading corporations..

Our defined goals are clear in supporting usability, reliability & robustness of our client's requirement and seamlessly integrating demands of the time and contributing the best to the proposed value chain.

We as a company likes to propose for the role of Intermediary in the process of Storage, Re- packaging & Delivery of goods across the southern part of the country to support the Warehousing & dispatch value chain of your business model - WE CREATE, MANAGE & SUPPORT WAREHOUSE / STORAGE/ TRANSPORT NEEDS ON YOUR BEHALF

The below are derived part of proposal initiation phase & our services are extendable & not limited to the mentioned below; our primary scope of work includes to "Manage & Control, the Warehouse" and being part of receipt & delivery of goods supporting your business environment with:

  • Provide CFA Office / Warehouse space
  • Statutory obligations fulfillment
  • Inventory management, Stock picking & Labeling;
  • Billing & Reporting with basic accounting needs;
  • Labour Deployment for movement of the supply chain process
  • Timely Delivery across Country & Local with contract carriers
  • Ensuring a secured, clean reliable environment with basic infrastructure
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